We are an independent type foundry based in Campinas, Brazil. Our services consists on typography distribution, tailored to the needs of your organization, no matter its size. Whether you need a (1) bespoke typeface, (2) translation to another writing system, (3) character set expansion or (4) specific adaptations in one of our typefaces.

If you have something on your mind, feel free to contact us at hi@inaritype.com. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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If you want to test our typefaces and be up to date with our releases and other exciting news, please submit your email bellow. We would love to hear from you.

1. Licensing

Can I use the same typeface in different projects?

Our licenses are all inclusive, which means it covers desktop, web and app usage, restricted to the user quantity agreed upon the font software purchase. There is no limitation in how many projects you can use the typeface. For more information, please check our EULA.

2. Language Support

Which languages are supported by the typefaces?

This can vary between typefaces. You can check its page to see more detailed information, see the character map and download the specimen pdf and trial version.

3. About Japanese typefaces

Why there are typefaces with only a small kanji set?

The Japanese complete kanji set contains thousands of characters, requiring a lot of time and resources to be developed, so for that reason we chose to create kana-only or kana + reduced set of kanjis typefaces. The choice of which kanjis will be added to the character map starts from Kyoiku Kanji, an educational set.

Is kana and the reduced kanji set enough to support the Japanese language?

It depends. If you want to use the typeface for long text, it may not be enough considering the space optimisation that the combination with kanji provides, since a smaller set wouldn’t cover all the words. But if you want to use it on small text or titles, it works fine.

How to use the typeface on my computer?
To use the typeface on your computer, you’ll need to pay attention to a few details.

1. It’s important that you have the Japanese keyboard installed on your computer (IME Standard).

2. If you are using the typeface on one fo the Adobe programs, you need to uncheck the “Enable missing glyph protection” which can be accessed on the software preferences, on the type/text section.

Can the typeface write vertically?

Yes. You can set the type orientation in the software you are using and select the latin glyph to chose the rotated version.

If you are having problems using our typefaces in any other way, please contact hi@inaritype.com for support.

4. Trials & Discounts

How does the typeface trial works?

INARI TYPE trial fonts are limited versions of any of our typefaces with a reduced set of characters with test purpose only, available to download at its page. For more details, please check our EULA.

Do you offer discounts?
We currently don’t offer student discount but it’s in our near future plans to do so. We do offer our typefaces for free to non-profit organisations, for further information please check our EULA.

5. Purchase

What are the payment methods?

The INARI TYPE typefaces purchase are a one-time payment done through PayPal.

How will I receive the typeface file?

After purchasing the typeface, the typeface download link will be sent to your e-mail.

1. Terms and Conditions

This is a legal agreement that establishes the terms and conditions of usage when installing any INARI TYPE font softwares. When purchasing one of our font softwares you are automatically agreeing with the following terms of this contract.
2. You may

INARI TYPE all inclusive licenses covers desktop, web and app usage, restricted to the user quantity agreed upon the font software purchase.


You can adapt, distort, resize, reposition and make any formal alterations you need to match the visual language of your project, respecting the section 3 of this contract.

Partnerships / 3rd party

You can provide a copy of the font software for a third party such as a printer or web developer with its use limited to the project. Make sure they erase the font file afterwards.


You can make backup files of our font softwares, making sure you are the only one who has access to them.


You will receive a (.TTF) file that can be installed in your desktop for unlimited time for test purpose only. The file can be shared as long the license is attached to it.


INARI TYPE supports all non-profit organizations, including philanthropic projects and free cultural events. This type of project will get the font software with 1 user license for free. Further information at Section 5.
3. You may not

You may not resell, redistribute or copy the font software.

You may not modify, rename or adapt de font software generating a new file to be commercially redistributed, such as a new font software (.OTF, .TTF, etc), vector (.eps, .ai, etc) or any other type of file converted from the original.

You may not generate a new font software from the alterations you may create for a logotype project using any INARI typeface.

You may not use the trial font software for commercial work.

You may not share the license between organizations, excepting third parties that may be involved in the project.

You may not do any expansion or translation of any INARI TYPE font softwares without prior permission. Please check the section 5.

You may not use any INARI TYPE font softwares in discriminatory actions.
4. Responsibility

The INARI TYPE font softwares are developed to work on the most current design softwares and programs. We recommend downloading the trial version of the font softwares prior to the purchase in order to predict any problems, since we do not make refunds. We are not responsible for any installation or usage problems caused by this nature.
5. Extras


If you are interested in adding characters or making the expansion of the font software for a language that is not covered, it is necessary a prior permission. Please contact hi@inaritype.com with ‘’Name of the typeface - translation’’ subject for further information.


Contact us at hi@inaritype.com with the subject ‘Non-profit request’ and tell us about your project.

For any other inquiries, please get in touch!

We are very happy about your interest in using our typefaces. Don't hesitate in giving us your feedback, we would love to hear from you. Have fun!